Our values and mission:

  • M.D. Aircon is one of the small distributors of. air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment principally for residential, commercial and industrial market.
  • Dedicated to providing the innovative, quality. products, installation, maintenance and service that make our customers' lives easier and more comfortable.
  • No matter what the reason is, no matter the climate and buildings are, M.D. Aircon has the capacity and products design that meets our customers' needs

M.D. Aircon and Refrigeration upholds the following values:

  • Create-an environment where productivity, initiative and integrative leadership flourish.
  • Communicate openly and honestly and consult on all matters of specific
    concern, seek ideas and contributes at all levels so that we can achieve
    our maximum potential.
  • To provide high quality products and service at all times, create
    awareness amongst our employees of the importance of customer to
    them and to the company.
  • Develop a relationship with our suppliers, which will ensure that we, in turn, receive products and service that will comply with our clients requirements.

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